What is Clinical Research?

Clinical Research is a branch of healthcare science that determines the safety & effectiveness of medicines, devices, diagnostic products & treatment regimens for the benefit of human health. It has two main types of clinical research:  

  • Observational Research: Observational Researchers monitor people in normal setting without prior informing the subject. Gathering & comparing the gathered data for changes over time. This practice does not involve any medical intervention, such as drug or devices but is still effective in helping identify new treatments or prevention strategies to test in Clinical Trials. 

  • Clinical Trials: Clinical Trials are primary way that researchers use to determine the effectiveness of new drug, diet or medical device on a patient. These trials are designed to understand if there is a better, easier & less harmful treatment available for existing treatments. These trials are done through a medical, surgical or behavioral intervention in the subject.  

The aims of Clinical Research are: 

  • Testing ways to diagnose a disease early, sometimes before the symptoms show up.
  • To find approaches to prevent a health problem, including in people who are healthy but at an increased risk of developing a disease.
  • Improving quality of living for people with life-threatening disease or chronic health problems. 

The Scope of Clinical Research for students: 

Clinical Research is an ever-growing billion-dollar industry & is already witnessing a high demand for qualified professionals across pharmaceutical companies, contract research organisations (CRO) & site management. For the past few years, India has been actively involved in clinical research & is now on its way to becoming a major hub for the same. 

There are multiple career options in the field of clinical research like, Clinical Research Coordinator, Clinical Research Associate, Pharmacovigilance / Data Safety Associate Professionals, Data Management Professionals, Medical Writing, Regulatory Affairs, Business Development Executive among others.  

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