Incidence of heart attacks increases in winter

Heart Attack; also called myocardial infarction, occurs due to blockage of the blood flow to the heart muscle. A blood clot develops in the coronary artery, resulting in blocking the blood flow to the heart. Without the continuous blood flow that carries oxygen along, the tissues around the heart lose access to oxygen, which results in a Heart Attack.  

There are several theories why heart attacks increase in winter. Some of the factors are: -  

  • The cold weather causes blood vessels to contract which raises the blood pressure and increases the risks of heart attacks and strokes. 

  • During cold, the body’s clot forming tendency increases because of high platelet aggregation in blood. 

  • Strenuous physical activities than the body is used to can cause heart attacks due to heart contraction.  

  • Due to gloomy weather during this season, a person is likely to be affected by SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorders, which leads to high levels of stress and furthermore to heart attacks.  


Whether you’re impacted by all or just one of these factors and reasons; temperature, lack of physical activity and emotional stress can contribute to a higher risk of heart attack during the winter.  

If you’re experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, it is advisable to get yourself checked at the earliest.  

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