Four Lifestyle changes to prevent cancer

Cancer is not just a disease but a spectrum of disease. However, you can try to beat this dreadful disease by opting for healthy lifestyle changes. You can reduce the risk of getting cancer by following four lifestyle changes as follows:

  •  Say NO to Tobacco

Consumption of tobacco is a leading cause of many types of cancer. Tobacco in any form is dangerous either smoke or chewing form. Smoking leads to cancer of lung and upper respiratory tract whereas chewing tobacco led to cancer of oral cavity. Smoking also leads to cancer of breast and other organs. Even passive smokers are susceptible to cancer if they are continuously exposed to smoking environment.

  • Maintain a Healthy Diet

Maintaining a healthy diet can help you prevent or fight cancer. Knowledge of what to eat and what not to eat helps individuals reduce the risk of getting cancer. An ideal healthy diet should consist of plenty of fruits and vegetables in the diet as the studies have proven that they prevent cancer. High fat, sugar-based diet and meat is known to contribute to cancer. Eating Mediterranean diet is healthy as it is based on plant-based foods, such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and nuts. Avoid alcohol consumption as it increases the risk of liver, breast, colon kidney and lungs cancer.

  •  Regularly Exercise and maintain low weight

Obesity leads to increased risk of cancers especially breast, uterus and ovarian cancers in females and colorectal cancer in general. Eating less and being more active are best ways to deal with obesity. According to study, losing 5-10% of body weight can reduce the risk of developing cancer. Exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet not only lowers the cancer risk but also keeps other diseases at bay.

  •  Breastfeeding prevents Cancer

According to study, mothers who breastfeed their babies are at lower risk of developing breast cancer. Research shows that when a woman breastfeeds, she experiences hormonal changes that may delay the return of her menstrual periods. This reduces woman’s lifetime exposure to hormones, which promotes breast cancer cell growth. It also helps lowers the risk of ovarian cancer by preventing ovulation. Breastfeeding also helps strengthen your child’s immune system, which in turn lowers the risk of child developing cancer and other illnesses.