Demystifying the myths about Kidney Dialysis

The pair of bean-shaped organs, Kidneys are one of the most important human organs in human body. Kidneys helps in removing body waste and maintaining salt, water and other nutrients in the body. However, when there is a kidney failure, a dialysis treatment helps in flushing out excess toxins and water from human body. Despite being one of the best treatments of kidney failure, dialysis is surrounded by many myths.

Following are some of the common myths about dialysis:

Dialysis means, it’s The End
No, dialysis is not a death sentence, but its actually giving new life to a person. Dialysis will actually help you lead a healthier life and will increase your lifespan

Dialysis is a painful procedure
The dialysis treatment per say is a painless procedure. However, there are some complications like low blood pressure, nausea, headaches or cramps that may arise while the procedure. This complications are pretty much avoidable if you follow the diet and liquid intake instructed to you by the doctors. In case of Hemodialysis, patients may experience discomfort when needles penetrate in graft or fitsula but it’s only momentarily.

Dialysis patients cannot perform daily activities
Many dialysis patients can continue doing their regular work or performing other daily activities once they are used to dialysis.

Dialysis patients cannot travel
The dialysis treatment is standardized everywhere. Dialysis centers are available all-over India and abroad. All you need to do is get an prior appointment at the closest dialysis centre you are travelling to. Your doctors can further aid you about things you need to do while travelling. With Peritoneal dialysis patient has no restrictions at all.

Dialysis Treatment is Expensive
Patients can avail various government schemes and seek help from charitable trusts for affordable dialysis treatment.