Palliative Care is total care comprising of physical, psychological, social, emotional, and spiritual care given to the patient and his/her family, suffering from an incurable phase of disease. Patients suffering from advanced Cancer, HIV / AIDS, end-stage Liver / Heart / Kidney / Lung / Neurological diseases are given total care. Geriatric group of population, essentially people who become home bound are also included under Palliative Care. When it becomes paramount to cater to all the needs of a terminally ill patient, the focus of the Palliative Care team is not to cure but to provide comforting care.


The Department of Palliative Care at Bhaktivedanta Hospital & Research Institute was started in 2007, and since then it has provided free home visits to over 2000 families in the suburbs of North Mumbai i.e. Mira Bhayandar area. Patients who are bed ridden and not able to visit the Hospital due to their physical condition register for free Home Care Program for a minimum registration fee. They are provided Palliative Care at their doorstep by our dedicated team of doctors, nurses, psychotherapist, and volunteers. Each year the Department trains a select group of college students to help patients in their final journey by providing Diversion Therapy, and organising wish fulfillment events and celebrating festivals, birthdays and anniversaries.


The wide range of Palliative Care Services offered includes:

  • Palliative Care for in-patients

  • Palliative Care Consultation for out-patients

  • Day Care

  • Respite Care

  • Nurse's Diet and Hygiene Counselling

  • Psychological Counselling

  • Home Care and Symptom Management

  • Training of family members

  • Spiritual and Grief Counselling

  • Medical Counselling

  • End of Life Care at the time of death (Death Care)

  • Emergency Consultation on phone


In addition to the above mentioned services the Department also provides Palliative Care at the Bhaktivedanta Hospital's Palliative Care Centre located at Sasupada, Vasai.


Dr. Vineeta Sharma MBBS, PGDPM, Fellowship in Palliative Medicine Consultant Palliative Care