The Department of General Medicine as a cohesive group of qualified physician who dedicated to fulfilling the mission statement, “With love and devotion we will offer everyone a modern, scientific, holistic health care service based on true awareness and understanding of the needs of the body, mind and soul”. The physicians are of good blend of young physicians with academic excellence along with senior physicians who are rich in experience of over 25 years practicing postgraduate medicine.


  • Outpatient services through app as well as walk-in appointment system.

  • Comprehensive patient-centered medical care of all inpatients with focus on lifestyle modification and pre discharge counselling.

  • Preventive health checkup schemes of from basic work up to extensive evaluation for females, senior citizens pre-employment schemes, etc.

  • Preoperative care for managing medical comfortabilities of operative patients to ensure favorable outcomes.

  • Periodic health awareness program for Hospital Staff and public, for their personal and family care on Cancer, Diabetes, Mental Health, etc. i.e. Health Promotion & Preventive Care as part of our social responsibility.

  • Integrated approach of medical care to patient by combining other safe and time tested therapeutic options to enhance level of care of patients.

  • Comprehensive Care for all acute infective and non-infective along with chrome disorders.

Our Specialists

Dr. Dhaval Dalal MD (General Medicine) Consultant General Medicine
Dr. Gaurish Shetty MD Consultant General Medicine
Dr. Namrata Rao MD Consultant General Medicine
Dr. Pramodini Shankaran MD (Medicine) Consultant General Medicine & Rheumatologist
Dr. Prashant Patil FCPS (Med.) Consultant General Medicine & Intensivist
Dr. Suraj Purushottaman MD, DNB Consultant General Medicine & Chief Intensivist
Dr. Swapnil Gautam MD, DNB, MRCPS (Glasgow), PGDip Infectious Diseases (London, Sydney) Consultant General Medicine, Infectious Diseases Specialist & Intensivist