Garbha Samskar course

The Sanskrit word Garbha means foetus in the womb and Samskar means educating the mind. So, Garbha Samskar essentially means educating the mind of the foetus


Traditionally, in our culture, it is believed that value-based parenting begins when the child is conceived rather than after the child is born. That is why well-meaning elders in the family talk about the importance of positive thoughts and emotions during pregnancy.


Ayurveda, since ancient times has presented the idea that there is an ideal process for creating human beings, and that it should be followed carefully and completely. For this we have developed a complete science called Garbha Samskar.


Garbha Samskar describes a range of preparations to be undertaken by the parents-to-be to ensure physical health, treatment for ideal conception, and care during 280 days of pregnancy – all essential for a perfectly healthy child. This is a 6 sessions course, which covers prenatal and postnatal care of the child; a course for healthy pregnancy.


The Garbha Samskar course consists of theory and practical and covers topics such as

· Garbha Samskar techniques

· Yoga and Stress management

· Nutrition and Sattvik diet

· Breast Feeding techniques

· ‘Meet Your Gynecologist’

· New Born brain stimulation methods


The Classes can be started in any month of pregnancy. Each session is independent of the other. The sessions are for both Husband and wife. The dates for the course for the entire year are pre-planned so they have the freedom to attend as per their convenience. One can attend the same course again for revision any time within the year without any additional charges. We also offer a CRASH COURSE where we cover all six sessions in one day mainly for patients residing outside Mumbai, for those who find it difficult to commute and for working couples


We also offer a 3 hour Antenatal Care Program for expectant mothers.

It covers topics such as

· Art of Happy motherhood

· Pregnancy and Antenatal exercise

· Labour and Breast feeding

· High risk pregnancy.


For registrations pls call on 8879990766/02265552100.