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At Bhaktivedanta Hospital the Intensive Care Unit & Intensive Cardiac Care Unit has been upgraded to International Standards, equipped to treat all kinds of cardiac and Non-Cardiac diseases.

The Multipara Monitors give the intensivist (the doctor-in-charge) information starting from the pulse to the pulmonary capillary wedge pressure (PCWP) – a crucial parameter required in the management of serious patients. These monitors are also able to records information, specially the cardiac rhythms of the patients that enable the intensivist a retrospective study of the case.

The control monitor is an essential factor in the ICU & ICCU enabling the Intensivist to monitor every single patient just sitting at his/her desk.

ICU & ICCU is now equipped to treat all critically ill cases from sever heart failing, complete heart block (requiring temporary pacing), chronic kidney diseases, sever sepsis, COPD’s, multisystem involvement requiring invasive monitoring like Intrareterial Blood Pressure (IABP) or PCWP

The ventilators are also standard ones with the capacity to provide invasive as well as non-invasive ventilation.

The ICU & ICCU is managed by a senior intensivist Dr. Vivek Dubey, with more than nine years of experience in this field. Post-graduates in the field of medicine and anesthesia assist him. Staff is well trained, with repeated training provided to the nurses headed by sister Sunita.

ICCU is presently centrally air-conditioned with the air circulation being recycled every 6 hrs, which preventing stagnation and chances of nosocomial (Hospital acquired) infections.


Consultants Serving ICU & ICCU are:

Dr. Suraj Purshottaman

Dr. Dhaval Dalal

Dr. Swapnil Gautam

Dr. Gaurish Shetty




Health Checkup Packages in Mumbai

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Pediatrics department has state-of-the art modern equipment supported by a well-equipped NICU & PICU with facilities for ventilation.

Provided in the form of NICU and PICU, located on 4th floor children are provided friendly environment in terms of ambience, provision of toys, children’s magazines, and loving care of staff and doctors. Vegetarian food is available as per the need and choice of the child. Parents are provided space, bedding to sleep at night, as well as guidance and spiritual help.

Our facilities include:

  • Fully equipped separate NICU + PICU

  • Life support for the neonates and children till 12 years          

  • Mother & child health care facilities provided in close proximity to each other (4th flr)

  • Specially trained nurses for newborns and children

  • Infection control program  

  • Senior Pediatric Consultants






Our Emergency Department forms an integral part of the hospital where emergencies can be handled round the clock. Our hospital staff is fully trained in BLS / ACLS and all other emergency procedures.


We accept all type of patients such as surgical, medical, Obstetrics & Gynecology, road traffic accidents, poisoning, poly trauma, Cardiac Emergencies. Consultants from all fields are available during emergency 24x7.

Apart from emergency investigations/diagnostic procedures like CT Scan, Sonography, X-Rays, blood investigations, etc., invasive procedures and all emergency surgeries are also performed.

In case of any emergency, please contact 022-29452435 / 022-29452447 / 9321996828.

Regular Ambulance – 022-29452590 / 9321559160.

Cardiac Ambulance – 022-29452590 / 9321559160 / 9167799419

Ambulance Services

Our ambulances are fully equipped for transporting Cardiac and Regular patients and patients on ventilator to and from the hospital round the clock.  

For Ambulance services, please contact –

• Regular Ambulance – 022-29452590 / 9321559160.

• Cardiac Ambulance – 022-29452590 / 9321559160 / 9167799419